Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet The Baby Online Party!

I've recently read warnings of setting "visiting hours" to keep from too many people coming at all hours of the day disrupting our newborns schedule and exhausting us as new parents... I'm sad we won't be having that problem. One of the "solutions" to this problem many people suggest is hosting an Open House day to meet the baby. Although we still obviously have the problem of location, but it got me thinking of hosting a virtual Open House with Skype (video chat). This would be a great way to have everyone that would like to see our new bundle of poo- I mean joy - meet him without the jet lag and all the airport fun! Although we would love to say the baby will be ready for his close up Feb 3rd... we all know due dates are just estimates and Feb 2nd may end up being Feb 14 (from Groundhogs day to Valentines day!). As such, we'll be hosting our little online party Saturday afternoon February 19th. We'll be so happy for you to join us anytime between then. Even if you don't have a webcam you can still join us if you download Skype and add me as a contact (my Skype name is littleredhockeybabe).

It's Almost Time!!!

This weekend my wonderful friend Hayley threw me a fun filled baby shower. Hayley and her husband Justin have been a great blessing to us as we prepare for this new adventure. We've enjoyed spending time with them on New Years Eve and the occasional trivia night, but their support is much more to us than just friendly company. I'm so happy that Hayley will be there for not only me but also Paul when the time comes. She has such a calm and uplifting personality, I know we both will be grateful to have her support as we go through what will probably be a nerve-wracking experience. And although Justin is banished to the waiting room (which I don't think he minds), I'm glad he'll be there to light up a cigar or whatever with Paul after the big event.